bring the heat


Our latest release! This signature mole is a celebration of Central American cuisine with a twist of citrus and a little extra heat from habanero peppers. Mole goes well on Mexican food, meats, eggs and the list goes on!


Salsa Verde

Made for those wanting something milder, we bring you Salsa Verde. We use fresh tomatillos, jalapeño and Anaheim peppers, garlic, citrus and cilantro to bring you this zesty treat that pairs well with Mexican dishes and so much more.


Moruga Island

Moruga Island is our premier sauce. Created by a hot sauce lover for hot sauce lovers, this sauce will brighten your meals with a special kind of tropical sweet heat you won’t find anywhere else. We promise you won't be disappointed!


Montana Gold

Montana Gold brings next level heat from yellow Moruga scorpion peppers and combines it with the luxurious flavor of mimosa. Designed for those craving extra heat, this sweet hot pepper sauce enhances meals with a powerful sting you won’t soon forget!


Blazing Peach

Blazing Peach is made with Scotch bonnet and habanero peppers topped by the delicious local peaches grown by Forbidden Fruit Orchard in Paradise, Montana. Enjoy this fruity sauce on most any food from breakfast to supper as well as desserts.



K’O’OX, (pronounced k’-oh-osh) is the Mayan word for “savage”. This intense fermented sauce will carry you away and cook you on a spit while you struggle to figure out what happened. While it’s not for the faint of heart, this super hot sauce is for anyone craving spicy, flavorful food.


Reaper Caramels

For a limited time... Apple pie flavored caramels with the heat of a whole Carolina Reaper pod in each piece. Next level heat for a next level experience!


About us

Pulley’s Hot Sauce is a small batch hot sauce company owned and operated by Stephen Pulley in Missoula, Montana. Our mission is to make a unique, quality product that suits the taste of our customers.

All Natural Ingredients

No Additives or Preservatives

Our sauce is made from carefully selected wholesome ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. We guarantee our product is made with no additives or preservatives.